Our Guarantee

When it comes to search engines there are highly complex mathematical algorithms that determine website rankings, so Top Presence cannot ethically guarantee any specific result or keyword ranking for this reason. If anyone ever guarantees a specific search engine ranking, they are not being ethical in our opinion. Search engines are an independent third party that determine rankings on their own, and there is no way to accurately guarantee any specific organic keyword rankings. If a website optimization company offers you a ranking position guarantee, they might be using Black Hat techniques that can trick the search engines temporarily, but soon after your website gets flagged. If your website is flagged it takes much more time and effort to get back to where you were in the keyword rankings.

What Top Presence guarantees to you is that all of our strategic tools will be implemented in a timely fashion and will appropriately affect the search engines, social networks, relevant press sites, and your customers. We also guarantee to never use any Black Hat techniques that could get you banned from the search engines. All of our strategies are Search Engine Friendly and are 100% White Hat compliant.

We give you full transparency to everything that we are doing in your specified strategy. We guarantee delivery of all items ordered and guarantee that we work diligently for you on a daily basis. Our work is guaranteed to be completed on time. Our work is guaranteed to be reported to you for your monthly review.


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